Thursday, August 23, 2007

Enable Or Disable Task Manager And Folder Options

Dear friends,
While I was trying to solve a problem of a user I got to learn some new stuff.So I decided to tell you them.Does any of you know to enable or disable your Task Manager in Windows XP? Enable it if it was disabled due to an error or by mistake and disable it for private protection. Here is the way and I don't tell you guys that this is the only way.There may be other ways. :)

Disable Task Manager :-
Use this path.
1) Click on Start --> Run , type "gpedit.msc".You'll see a window will appear.
2) Under "User Configuration" select "Administrative Templates".
3) There you'll find "System" and under it select "Ctrl+Alt+Del Options".
4) There is a Setting as "Remove Task Manager".
5) "Enable" this one and your Task Manager get disabled.
6) Select "Not Configured" or "Disable" to enable your Task Manager.

Disable Folder Options in Tools menu :-
1) In the same way click on Start --> Run , type "gpedit.msc".You'll see a window will appear.
2) In that window navigate to the location given below ;
User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Windows Explorer.
3) See for a key named as "Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools Menu"
4) Set it as "Disable" or "Not Configured" it to get the Folder Options and "Enable" it to hide Folder Options in Tools menu.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Batch File

Hey friends,
So I'm gonna start my blog and I think as.... It's my turn :)
So first...I mean first DragShot was from myself on me ha haaaaaaa
As the start I wrote a batch file yesturday.Got the help of net and did it.Just a little one.To shutdown the PC.After saving it I thought to set its time.Time to shutdown.Instead of edit I clicked open...After 1 minutes and 10 seconds I was staring at a Black screen...huh!!!
I was lucky because all the works are over at that time.
huh!!! great start no???

Wednesday, March 7, 2007